How the Via Edge AI Hearing Aid Can Help You Hear Better During a Pandemic 

older man and woman holding hands and talking with masks on

Many people across the nation are having difficulty communicating during the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. The introduction of social distancing and mask use has disrupted our daily lives in many ways, but people with hearing loss have been hit especially hard. 

While hearing aids have worked to curb the effects of hearing loss in the past, the increased measures to protect public health have created several new difficulties in communication. 

Advanced hearing aid technology is a promising solution for those suffering from hearing loss and struggling to hear better during COVID-19. Read on to find out more about how social distancing is affecting those with hearing loss and how a hearing aid like Audibel’s Via AI with Edge Mode can help.

Social Distancing is Impacting Those with Hearing Loss

While physical distancing has been deemed necessary by health and government officials to help “flatten the curve” of the COVID-19 pandemic, those with hearing problems are experiencing several new obstacles due to the safety protocols. 

Social distancing requires individuals to stand at least six feet apart, making a simple conversation seem like an impossible task. The increased distance not only affects the way in which we speak, it creates an even more challenging listening environment due to background noise.

Face Masks Further Affect the Ability to Hear

In addition to social distancing, facial coverings are also affecting speech audibility. This hindrance is already noticeable for those without hearing loss, and those hard of hearing are especially feeling the effects. 

Paper masks, fabric masks, and even medical masks have shown to present different levels of disruption for listeners. While there are various types of face masks available — including those with clear plastic windows to enable lipreading and other visual cues — it is not guaranteed that every individual those with hearing loss encounters will have the right mask to help improve conversation. 

For the many people who rely on hearing aids, traditional technology is just not cutting it when it comes to the combination of social distancing and face coverings. These modern-day dilemmas require new and advanced solutions. This is where Via Edge AI hearing aid technology comes in.

Choosing a Hearing Aid that Improves Communication While Wearing Masks

Advanced hearing aid technology is making tremendous strides in helping those with hearing loss to overcome social distancing and face mask obstacles. Hearing aid users have enjoyed Audibel’s Via AI devices with multi-purpose functions since 2018, but the new Edge Mode has added a whole new level of ease to the hearing experience — especially during these difficult times.

In addition to automatic fall detection and text alerts, Via Edge AI is capable of continuously monitoring and characterizing the acoustic environment for the hearing aid user. Through onboard machine-learning technology, Edge Mode can dynamically improve challenging listening environments at the push of a button.

Via Edge Mode helps improve conversation by applying:

  • appropriate levels of gain
  • noise management
  • directionality 
  • and more

These different hearing aid optimizations can make a big difference for those wearing masks. Edge Mode is not affected by the type of mask a speaker is wearing or the increased distance between individuals. Its main goal is to provide optimal speech audibility and sound quality in every environment.

Local Hearing Care Specialists Can Upgrade Listening Experiences with Via Edge AI

The introduction of social distancing and mask use during COVID-19 is turning worlds upside down. Luckily, the Via Edge AI hearing aid can help.

Individuals ready to hear better during a pandemic should schedule an in-home or in-office appointment with their local hearing care specialist, as soon as possible. A hearing care specialist will help diagnose different levels of hearing loss and help individuals choose the best hearing aids, including those with Via AI technology.